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I started this blog partly as a way to help inspire other musicians that live in smaller towns… you are not limited by your geography! There are so many opportunities for us now with all the social media platforms on the web. The problem is all these “opportunities” can be quite overwhelming and it is is hard to know where to start. Do I spend hours on my Reverb Nation profile? Do friend every band out there on Myspace?

In this section of the blog, I am putting together a list of assignments per say that include very manageable tasks that can be completed within a matter of hours, or at the most a day. So much of the social media “advice” out there is just not concrete and does not help people who are kind of against investing themselves in it anyway. By breaking it down into sections, hopefully reaching a larger audience via the internet will be more fun and manageable. As always, I’d love to hear how this stuff is working for you, so feel free to comment, or drop me a line here laurel @


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