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House of Snow – Album Preview

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Laurel Brauns – House of Snow (3) by Laurel Brauns
Laurel Brauns – Doldrums (3) by Laurel Brauns
Anywhere by Laurel Brauns

House of Snow Cover by Kaycee Anseth

Track Listing:

1. House of Snow

2. Doldrums

3. Anywhere

4. Puppy Love

5. Named After You

6. Kaleidoscope Eyes

7. Fireflies

8. Maps

9. Westfall (Okkervil River cover)

10. Dreams

11. A Place for You to Fall

12. James

Photo by Anthony Dimaano


Douglas Jenkins (Portland Cello Project) – producer and arranger

Sam Cooper (Horse Feathers) – banjo, drums, piano

Jenny Conlee (Decemberists) – piano, organs

Skip VonKuske (Vagabond Opera) – Cello

John Whaley (Run On Sentence) – trumpet

Franchot Tone (Culver City Dub Collective) – guitars

Shared the stage with

Portland Cello Project

Horse Feathers


Loch Lomond

Matt Costa

Matt Pond PA

Tara Jane O’Neil

Casey Dienel

Patty Larkin

Greg Brown

Peter Mulvey

The Mammals

CD Party Press Release:

Laurel Brauns to release the album House of Snow

September 16, 2011 at the PoetHouse in Bend, OR

Bend, OR – On September 16, 2011 from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Laurel Brauns will celebrate the release of her fourth full-length album, House of Snow. The album was produced and arranged by Douglas Jenkins, creative director of the Portland Cello Project and features many of Portland’s finest musicians including Sam Cooper (Horse Feathers), Skip vonKuske (Vagabond Opera), and Jenny Conlee (The Decemberists.)

After listening to the album Chris Dahlen of Pitchfork and Paste Magazine wrote, “Laurel Brauns writes some of my favorite songs, and the way she sings them makes me shiver.  Her new disc is lovely, strong, and haunted, and likely her best yet.”

The album is best classified as indie-folk with elements of neo-classical, organic gothic and earth pop. Water emerges as the most prevalent theme weaving the songs together. The title track House of Snow is a dreamy tale about a float down the Rogue River in Oregon. Doldrums is a depiction of the Great North Pacific Gyre, a swirling patch of plastic suspended in the Pacific Ocean.

Local musicians Erin Cole-Baker, Mark Ransom, Patrick Pearsall and Laurel’s sister Katie Brauns lend their voices to the song Doldrums which ends in a chorus crescendo, and guitarist and singer/songwriter Franchot Tone adds his jangly pop style to the last two tracks on the album.

The biggest local contributor was silent however. Kaycee Anseth is the visual artist who was commissioned to do the front cover, and was so inspired by Laurel’s demo of songs, that she created the back cover as well.

Laurel has opened for Loch Lomond, Horse Feathers, and Weinland and collaborated with the Portland Cello Project. She recently had her song North 93 placed in the Fox TV series Traffic Light.

Admission to the CD release party at the PoetHouse in Bend is $5 or free with the purchase of the album ($15.)

Follow this link to listen and download the first three songs of the album. Please email for a password to download the whole album or to request a hard copy. Attached photos are for web use only. High-res versions available upon request.