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Oxford Hotel in Bend, and 10 Below

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I’ve had the opportunity to play at the Oxford Hotel a number of times, mostly thanks to the GM, Ben Perle, one of the nicest guys in town. In addition, we have had a very successful photo shoot in the lobby with Bend wedding photographer Byron Roe, and we have also been filmed performing there by Local Buttah, a group of guys creating YouTube videos that support local music here in Bend. We are really looking forward to playing music for a wedding at the Oxford Hotel in the future… but until then, we’ll have to keep enjoying the restaurant. Check out some of our photos from the shoot below, as well as one of the Local Buttah videos.

Review of 10 Below:

10 Below is a refreshing addition to Bend’s dining scene. The decor and the menu feel much more Portland than mountain town: The “urban-organic” influence sets 10 Below apart from Bend’s many steakhouses and brewpubs.

As a former waitress, I’m always hyper conscious of the service. We arrived at 9:30 on a Sunday night, at a time where there is not much open downtown. Although the restaurant was empty save a party of hotel guests, the bartender was happy to see us, made us feel welcome, and was both attentive and open to conversation.

We were dining on the light side, as it was pretty late. Being a vegetarian, usually my only choices are the ubiquitous veggie burger or hummus plate. There was lots to choose from including a ratatouille linguine, miso soup, grilled vegetable salad, vegetable tempura, and a carrot and sweet potato soup. I went with the carrot soup and it was served with warm, crunchy rustic bread, and was deliciously creamy with a hint of ginger. My companions enjoyed the lamb sliders and the korean bbq pork belly, and from their oohs and aahs, I’d say they were pretty happy.

I’ve returned a few times to 10 Below, and I always notice the employees seem really happy. They look you in the eye and give you a warm greeting. If employees are being well cared for, to me that is a sign that the same respect is going into many of the overall operations, from preparation of the food to considering environmental impacts of running a restaurant and hotel.

Above all, 10 Below feels authentic to me. It’s hip without being pretentious, snow pants and stilettos can sit side by side. I’ll definitely go back…

Photo below by Byron Roe: