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Kickstarter, fund your next album, fund my next album

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Kickstarter is just one of many of the new sites popping up that support “crowd funding,” the idea that you can finance your next artistic endevor with the help of others, especially if your project is so cool that it catches and spreads to many people who will become new fans by becoming a part of what you are doing.

Kickstarter is unique in that is has an all-or-nothing funding method: the project must reach its full funding goal before anyone is charged for their pledges. It also encourages project creators to offer unique and increasingly valueable products or experiences in exchange as their pledge increases. For example, one of my favorite indie-Americana band’s ever, Weinland, out of Portland, Oregon, is offering their touring van “The Weinlander” a 1974 Ford Econoline that has been in the lead singer’s family since 1975! All that van for a pledge of $1,974.

I can’t get their video to embed, but check it out here.

You get the idea that more fun and whimsical or experiential you make the pledge rewards the better.

The more people make donations, the higher your profile becomes on Kickstarter, potentially exposing you to many more people who are browsing Kickstarter looking for a project to support. The video on Weinland’s page explains this concept and is an excellent example of how to build excitement and credibility.

Now if you prefer to run a more traditional crowd-funding campaign and don’t want to run the risk of loosing all the donations if you don’t reach your goal, you can use your paypal account’s donate button and make an extra page on your website that explains your campaign. My friend Shireen Amini’s Blue Genie project shows how it’s done.

Mark Ransom – Music Mayor of Bend

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I met Mark long before I moved to Bend: I was passing through town on a tour and my buddy Meghan brought me into his coffee shop on Galveston called the Magic Cup. She wanted to introduce me and it turns out Mark had come to one of my shows the last time I played in town at the Grove.

I met Mark again right away when I moved to town three years ago. He had organized this awesome local music festival called “Bend Roots Revival” just a few blocks from where I lived. Bands performed at both Parrilla Grill and the Victorian Café and 14th and Galveston was filled with musical energy for the weekend. Mark continues to organize this festival and last year it out grew its location at the “Flying Chicken” round-a-bout and moved to The Century Center, a new venue on Century Drive.

First and foremost, Mark is singer-songwriter and guitarist with self-proclaimed “jam-band tendencies,” and he performs in Bend and around the country as “The Mostest,” which includes Julie Southwell, Shireen Amini, Patrick Pearsall and a host of other heavy hitters in town. He has released six albums and runs his own record label and recording studio.

I call Mark the Mayor, because feel like his presence plays a big part in defining the Bend music scene. He is community minded and always helping people by booking shows and organizing other performing opportunities. His sound also feels very specific to this area, a mix of folk, acoustic jams and rock with layers of keys and ethereal violin and harmonies. A few weeks ago, I enjoyed one of Mark’s shows at Parrilla Grill. Mark sang a bunch of songs about skiing and enjoying the outdoors, and I’m surprised Mt. Bachelor hasn’t picked up one of his songs to use in ads. I definitely had an “in love with Bend” moment that night, listening to my friends play music just a few blocks from my house after a long day out on the trails.

Thanks Mark for all you do for Bend!

Mark and Julie Southwell at Parrilla Grill on Friday night in Bend.

That's Patrick Pearsall on the bass