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Lewi Longmire at the Laurelthirst Public House, Portland, OR

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Lewi Longmire and Bingo play the the Laurelthirst Public House

I went out to see an old music aquaintance of mine, Lewi Longmire, play at the Laurelthirst Public House this Tuesday after Jackstraw. This bar sits on the north end of Laurelhurst Park and is known for featuring a great mix of acoustic Americana and bluegrass. Colin Meloy of the Decemberists, played some of his first Portland gigs here, and Portland music luminaries like Laura Veirs and Casey Neill often pop in to play cameo shows.

I first met Lewi when he was working for Music Millenium, one of those rare gem’s of a music store that promotes local and upcoming musicians with in-store performances. Lewi has always had a name around town playing is own music, but has also built a great reputation as a multi-instrumentalist and has been featured on many albums by national acts like Minus 5 and Tara Jane O’Neil, as well as playing as a side man in the above mentioned Casey Neill’s band (The Norway Rats), as well as with James Low and Caleb Klauder.

Check it!

Tuesday at Laurelthirst, Lewi was playing with his buddy Bingo, who was visiting from Joshua Tree. The way they meshed was magical, and both traded songs and leads like only old music friends can. Lewi’s voice is classic Americana and he can carry a slow and sad tune (see “San Ysidro”) just as well as his more prolific and upbeat numbers like “Disappear,” both of which you can get your hands on through on his most recent album, “Fire ‘Neath the Still.”

And speaking of this album, I’m intrigued by the cover. It looks like a shot from the Crooked River in Central Oregon, or maybe the John Day? If his love for rivers and the outdoors says anything about the tribe that Lewi attracts, I know you guys would love him in Bend.

And speaking of, the Laurelthirst in general seems to be a gathering place for these type of folk. Though I moved here to take a break from the foot-stompin’, shaggy-haired music so prevalent on the other side of the mountains, I have to say my soul felt filled by being at the Laurelthirst this week. Sometimes you have to move away to remember who you are.

How to create an iMix

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Project #2

Creating an iMix in iTunes based on some kind of theme that you gravitate towards in your songwriting is a great way to get your name out there while associating yourself with artists that you identify with or have been big influences on your songwriting.

If you are wondering what an “iMix” is, it is basically a playlist you create from your own music collection or from the iTunes store that you can then publish on iTunes and promote on your website or blog. Hopefully other music fans who are interested in the theme your chose will stumble upon your mix, buy it and then discover one of your songs (which you included in the playlist, of course!)

Here are detailed instructions on how to create an iMix from the iTunes folks. One of my favorite things about this feature is that you do not have to own the songs to create a really rad playlist… you can just pull them (drag and drop) from the iTunes store.

I created one called “Songs about Prostitutes” because some of my favorite bands have songs about this: The Decemberists, The Pogues, The Smiths, Okkervil River. You can check out the play list at the blog following this titled “Songs about Prostitutes,” or just use the link above to go direct.

Photo of Strawbery Banke taken from the bay. It has cleaned up a lot in the last 50 years.

I wrote a song a few years back when I lived in Portsmouth, NH called Strawbery Banke which I included on this playlist. It is about a prostitute who lived in that section of town, which was basically a “red light district” for sailors from the early 1800 through about 1950. You can check out this song on my iMix ; ) or on my album Closed for the Season.