Google loves blogs! Blogging is a great way to keep your company’s content recent, and to tell your story. Best of all, if done right, it will give you high organic rankings in search engines, which means more customers for you!

I worked as the Social Media Coordinator for Hydroflask for about a year managing their blogging, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Here are a few blogging samples from 2010:





TapIt is an organization that was founded in New York City in 2008 to form a water bottle refilling network for people on the go. Instead of stopping into the store to buy a plastic bottle filled with water, New Yorkers are instead encouraged to carry reusable bottles where ever they go. (They would look so chic with a Hydroflask methinks!) The café owners sign up as partners to provide free tap water. They have developed a sophisticated search and mapping feature for computers and smart phone, and they even have a “TapIt Water” iPhone App to locate participating cafes.

TapIt is looking to take its vision across the U.S. and it always looking to partner with people looking to start a local water movement in their own towns. They support finding new and sustainable solutions for the 21st century. Check out their website and blog for more information.

It seems we could easily make this happen in Bend, OR, where most residents are conscious of how precious our water is; that almost all water we consume comes directly from the Deschutes River, and that this river is noticeably smaller as it leaves down.


Bottled and Sold by Peter Gleick

Internationally recognized water expert Peter Gleick just published at book last month called “Bottled and Sold” which is an in depth look the bottled water problem. Gleick conducted a substantial amount of research for this book including interviews and plant visits and he uses these insights to examine how water is found, pumped, treated, bottled and sold to the public that simply expects a container of cool, clean water.

But bottled water is far from simple.

Gleick does not stop his examination with pointing out the problems associated with this widespread phenomenon; he offers contemporary solutions by making a sound case for improving the public’s attitude towards safe, piped-in drinking water, purified by the natural cycle and consumed with reusable containers (like Hydroflasks ! )

In Bottled and Sold, Gleick traces the history of the bottled water industry – how water went from being a public natural resource to one of the most commercially successful products of the century.

If you don’t have time to read the book, let these statistics speak for themselves:

-Every second of the day in the U.S., a thousand people buy a plastic bottle of water, and every second a thousand more people throw these bottles away.

-There have been over 100 bottled water recalls in the U.S. – very few receiving any kind of public attention.

-It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce the amount of plastic bottles consumed in the U.S. each year.

You can order Peter Gleick’s book here.


Bend Summer Festival

Our Hydroflask headquarters are in Bend, Oregon and almost everyone that lives in town is celebrating the long awaited arrival of… SUMMER. It was a drawn-out, grey winter and an even longer, greyer spring, and now that the sun is out there is a tanigible excitement and happiness in the air. Outdoor cafes are packed, everyone is out walking their dog at all hours and bikes are everywhere!

Part of celebrating summer here in Bend is a slew of inspiring music and craft festivals that happen all over town, sometimes during the same days and times. The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival is one of the more anticipated of these events, drawing artists, street performers and musicians from all over the country.

One of the most notable acts performing for the festival is The Samples, headlining the Clear 101.7 stage this year. Mosley Wotta, recent winner of Central Oregon’s Last Band Standing competition heads up the local’s stage and the Jazz Stage features Todd Haaby and Sola Via.

There is even a special area for kids (and parents!) to cool off and have some fun playing water games, dancing on inflatables and creating arts and crafts.

If you are in Bend, Oregon this weekend, be sure to check out this event put on by C3. If you are not in town, this is definitely one of those festivals worth planning a vacation around. I’m sure your Hydroflask is looking for an adventure that combines cultural appreciation with outdoor activities!