Social Media Training and Strategy

So you’ve set up your Facebook/Twitter/YouTube accounts, and even uploaded your logo. Problem is you just can’t find the time to maintain them all… or any of them for that matter. And further more, thinking of things to post just seems silly.

Social media has taken on a mythic importance in the marketing world in the last few years, some of which I believe is unfounded. Everyone’s heard the fairy tales and all the hype about it being a form of “free” advertising.

The truth is, social media can be a very powerful way to communicate directly with your customers and gather an online tribe, but it also very time consuming and takes dedication and strategy for it to have any kind of success.

Here is where I come in. We will work together to make social media work for you. And don’t worry you don’t have to embrace everything. In fact, simply concentrating on two mediums that really help to tell your story and reach your customers is much more effective.

What I offer is an easy-to-follow strategy tailored specifically to your business and goals. I’ll then train your and your employees and come up with a topical road map to keep you on track for two or three months while you learn to play the game. As your fan base grows, we’ll experiment with different techniques and practices to engage your audience and ultimately get more customers through your doors or to your site.

Remember: social media is a party that everyone is invited to and parties are supposed to be fun!

Some successful social media campaigns:


Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe
Brought fans from zero to nearly 1,000 in one summer. Managed successful FB Ad Campaigns to build fans. Ran photo contests, FB only specials, and promoted many successful events.

Otter Bar Lodge
Managed a national FB Ad Campaign which resulted in the business having one of their most successful summers on the books.


YouTube Testimonials:

Let your customers tell your story. Their words about your business have a lot more credibility than anything you might say about yourself.

Bikram Yoga Bend:


GreenSavers USA :