Public Relations

One of the best ways to get your story out to the world is still through good old fashion newspapers and magazines, even if they are being read online. I’ve been working as a journalist and public relations specialist for the past ten years, and have the distinct advantage of being on the receiving side of public relations campaigns. This has given me a cutting edge vantage point into what catches attention, and ultimately what goes to print.

Here is one recent example of a successful PR Campaign in association with an event:

Annual Christmas Kayak

At Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe, we decided to change both the date and the location of the Annual Christmas Kayak event in Bend, Oregon. We got the word out to local media outlets, and received a number of “Pick of Week” type endorsements. The event had forty-five decorated boats out on the water, 100s of spectators, and we nabbed the front page of The Bend Bulletin with photograph at the bottom of this page. (Photo by Bulletin photographer, Rob Kerr.)

This campaign is a perfect example of the power of good public relations. While we did promote a Christmas 20% off sale in conjunction with the event, most of our sales message was indirect. The event was a celebration of the paddling culture in Bend and an interesting and authentic way to honor the upcoming holiday. We’ll be top of mind by association when any of the participants, spectators or people who saw this photo think of buying paddling gear. We’re always doing things to get people out on the water and show them how much fun paddling can be, and in the process we’ve helped create some really special memories and a paddling “tribe” of sorts in Central Oregon.